No registration, no pre-payment, no hassle!

We've teamed up with Telappliant, the IP Telephony company to bring you calls to North Cyprus for only 10p per minute, at any time. This offers a saving of over 50% from the BT standard rate, even with BT Together.

No Account To Open
No Pre-Payment
No Additional Bills
No Credit Cards.

Just Dial:
0871 5 04 05 06

at all times

Easy to use: Just 3 easy steps:

  1. Dial: 0871 5 04 05 06.
  2. At the tone, dial the number you wish to call. For example: 00 90 392 821 1234.
  3. Thats it! Enjoy your call.

By using Telecom you will benefit from low-cost phone calls to North Cyprus, without having to register or prepay. Calls to 0871 5 04 05 06 are classified as 'G7 rate', and are billed by BT at 10 pence per minute at all times. The call will appear on your usual telephone bill, and there is nothing extra to pay for using the service.

This service is operated by Teleappliant Ltd for Telecom. Teleappliant is the preferred telecommunication supplier for