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Getting to the North Cyprus Border Crossing


Crossing the border between Northern Cyprus and the Republic of Cyprus, also known as the Cyprus border crossing, is pretty straightforward these days. Back in the old days, it used to be a lot more difficult and tense, but since 2004 when they opened up the borders things have relaxed a lot. Nowadays if you have a passport from an EU country you don't even need a visa - you can just waltz on over.

There are a few different points where you can do the Cyprus border crossing. The most popular is probably the one in Nicosia, which is the capital city right in the middle. Pedestrians can cross at Ledra Street, or with a car at Agios Dometios, also known as Metehan. It's super convenient if you're flying into Larnaca airport because it's only about a 30 minute taxi ride away. Another option closer to Larnaca is the Pyla crossing point. Further east you've also got the Dherynia crossing near Famagusta.

No matter which Cyprus border crossing you use, the process is pretty much the same. They'll check your passport and maybe ask you a few questions about why you're visiting and how long you'll be staying. Most nationalities can get an automatic 30 day visitor visa on arrival. Then you're free to go explore the other side!


Driving Across the Cyprus Border Crossing

If you want to drive across the Cyprus border crossing, there's a bit more to it since you'll need insurance that covers both sides. The good news is the border agents are used to dealing with tourists in hire cars. A few things to keep in mind when driving across:

  • Check with your car rental company in the South that they allow you to take the car to the North. Some don't, so you may need to rent from the North side instead.
  • You'll need to purchase extra car insurance at the crossing that covers you in the North. It's only about €10-15 usually. They sell it right at the Agios Dometios crossing 24/7.
  • Make sure to have your rental paperwork, license, and passport handy for the quick check.
  • Watch the signs carefully - the roads are well marked but it can be confusing at the actual border area with all the booths.
  • Allow a bit of extra time, especially if it's a busy period, as there may be a short wait.

As long as you come prepared with the right documents and insurance, driving across the Cyprus border crossing is really straightforward. Just follow the signs and listen to the agents' instructions and you'll be on your way in no time.


Restrictions at the Cyprus Border Crossing

There are a few small restrictions on what you can bring across the Cyprus border crossing. They're not too strict, but it's good to be aware of them:

  • Smoking leaves products are limited to just 2 packets of cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250g of loose per person.
  • Alcohol is limited to 1L of spirits or 2L of wine or beer per person.
  • Meat, dairy, plants, and soil are prohibited and will be confiscated. Best to declare them.
  • If you have a large amount of Cypriot pounds or Turkish lira, you need to declare cash over €10,000.

Other than that, you can generally bring your personal belongings, electronics, gifts, and souvenirs with no issues. They may do a random check of bags but it's nothing too intense. Just be honest about what you've got and you'll breeze right on through.


Tips for Crossing the Cyprus Border Crossing

Here are a few extra tips to make your Cyprus border crossing go as smoothly as possible:

  • Have all your documents ready to show - passport, driving license, rental agreement if driving.
  • Make sure to have some small change handy to pay the insurance at the crossing.
  • Download offline maps before if you're self-driving to avoid roaming charges.
  • Allow extra time, especially on weekends and holidays when it may be busier.
  • Consider hiring a car/guide on the other side to avoid any confusion finding your way around.
  • Take before/after photos of your rental car to protect yourself in case of claims of damage.
  • Pack snacks and water if crossing by car - there's usually nowhere to stop right at the border.
  • Don't bring any property documents/papers that could cause issues if flying into the South.


Final Thought

No matter how much time you have in Northern Cyprus, be sure to leave enough days to explore beyond just the border zone area. The country has so much more natural beauty and historic attractions to uncover on a visit. With the North Cyprus border crossing providing easy access, you can enjoy both sides of this divided island with a single trip.