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Hiking the Besparmak Mountains


The majestic Besparmak Mountains loom large over northern Cyprus, their limestone cliffs and forests creating a dramatic backdrop to the coastline. Winding their way through the interior of the island, these mountains have stood the test of time, preserving history and providing habitat over millions of years. They make for a stunning locale to experience nature, history and adventure through hiking.


Planning Your Trip

When getting ready, for a hike in the Besparmak Mountains there are an important things to keep in mind. Firstly it's wise to check the weather forecast and pack accordingly. These mountains can get quite hot during summer but might also experience rain and cooler temperatures so it's advisable to dress in layers. It's essential to wear hiking shoes or boots as some parts of the trails can be rocky.

It's crucial to carry a supply of water since there are limited sources along the route. I usually bring 2 liters per person. Additionally don't forget sunscreen, a hat and snacks for energy boosts. Having a map can be handy if you intend to explore trails although signs are generally well placed along paths.

For those to the area I suggest considering joining a guided hike for your time. The Besparmak Mountains may appear overwhelming if you're unfamiliar, with the trails. A local guide can enrich your experience by pointing out views, plant life and historical tidbits. It's easy to lose your way


The Trails

There are so many beautiful trails to choose from when hiking in the Besparmak Mountains. One of my favorites is the Temple of Aphrodite trail near Kyrenia. This 5km loop passes ancient ruins and offers amazing views of the coast. It's not too difficult but you'll definitely feel like you earned those views!

Another popular option is the Buffavento Castle trail. This one has a bit more elevation gain but the payoff is incredible views of Kyrenia and glimpses of the impressive castle ruins perched high above. At just over 7km roundtrip it's a full but very rewarding day hike.

For something a bit longer, I'd recommend the Apostolos Andreas Monastery trail near Trikomo. This 12km route climbs through pine forests to a beautiful 13th century monastery with amazing mountain and sea views. It's a strenuous hike but the scenery and sense of accomplishment make it worth it.

No matter which trail you choose in the Besparmak Mountains, you're sure to be impressed by the natural beauty. The varied terrain, from forests to limestone cliffs, provides constantly changing scenery with every turn. Keep an eye out for the island's unique flora and keep your camera ready for stunning photo ops.


History and Wildlife

While exploring the trails of the Besparmak Mountains be, on the lookout for traces of history scattered about. Castles, churches and ancient ruins offer glimpses into the past of the island. I particularly enjoy discovering the weathered stone terraces that cradled vineyards and olive groves.

The wildlife in this area is truly captivating. Keep an eye out for the Cyprus mouflon sheep a wild goat that clings to rocky cliffs. Watch for the small Cyprus warbler darting through branches. Various reptiles, snakes and numerous species of butterflies also inhabit these mountains.

It's awe inspiring to consider that these mountains have stood sentinel over the island for millennia. The limestone here was shaped at the bed of a sea. Then thrust upward to create this striking coastal range. Hiking allows you to fully embrace the unspoiled beauty of the Besparmak Mountains and gain insights, into the islands intriguing history and ecology.


Fueling Up After Your Hike

Once you've worked up an appetite exploring the trails of the Besparmak Mountains, it's time to refuel. Head down to Kyrenia, one of the closest towns, to indulge in some classic Cypriot cuisine.

I love stopping at one of the seaside tavernas for a big platter of meze to share. Expect dishes like tzatziki, hummus, dolmades, saganaki, and more. Wash it down with some local Efes beer or a glass of local wine.

You can't visit without trying a slice of the famous Cyprus cheese pie too. This buttery, filo pastry pie filled with halloumi, anari, and mint is the ultimate comfort food. I always leave feeling very refreshed and ready to relax after a big day in the mountains!

Kyrenia is also full of cute cafes. I recommend stopping for a coffee and homemade baklava if you have any room left after meze. The waterfront promenade is lovely for an afternoon stroll to take in the views after hiking through the forests above.


Making Memories in the Besparmak Mountains

Exploring the paths, in the Besparmak Mountains is one of my choices for a day out in Northern Cyprus. The diverse landscapes, historical glimpses and sense of achievement when reaching the peak of each trail make for moments.

Whether you're a hiker tackling routes or simply seeking easy trails with breathtaking views these mountains cater to all. Take a moment to savor the beauty, cultural richness and deep history found in this coastal range.


Final Thought

I hope that by recounting my hiking escapades in the Besparmak Mountains I've sparked your interest, in discovering Cyprus. The thrill and amazement you'll find amidst these peaks will create memories. Whether you fancy a walk, by the shore or a demanding hike stretching over hours the trails cater to all preferences. So pack your bag lace up your hiking shoes and delve into the allure rooted history and quaint villages that make the Besparmak Mountains an essential destination to explore in Cyprus.