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Night Clubs in Girne North Cyprus


Girne is one of the top destinations in North Cyprus for a vibrant nightlife scene. Located on the northern coast, Girne has no shortage of amazing night clubs in Girne North Cyprus to choose from. Whether you want to dance the night away, enjoy drinks with friends, or take in live music - Girne's clubs have you covered.



One of the most well known night clubs in Girne North Cyprus is Onyx. This venue is situated at the heart of the city making it easily accessible. Onyx features a dance floor that is consistently filled with individuals enjoying themselves and dancing away. The music selection comprises all the dance tunes that will keep you grooving throughout the night. Should you wish to take a break, from dancing you can head to the bar for a drink. Additionally Onyx offers food options such as pizza, until hours. The ambiance exudes energy and fun vibes making it the go to spot for socializing in Girne on weekend evenings.



VIPlus is another popular spot for a night out in Girne. This club has a trendy modern interior with cool lighting and decor. The music here is mainly top 40 hits and EDM to get the party started. They also have live DJs which makes the vibe really electric. VIPlus can get quite crowded on weekends so try to arrive early to grab a table. The drinks are reasonably priced too. Make sure to check out their events calendar as they often have themed nights and parties going on. VIPlus is great for those who want to dance the night away in a lively club environment.


Queen Lounge

For a more upscale club experience, head to Queen Lounge. This place has a sleek lounge type setup with plush seating areas and mood lighting. The music played is more on the chill side like R&B, hip hop and reggaeton. Queen Lounge is also known for their amazing cocktails and selection of drinks. They often host live music performances by local artists on certain nights. It's the perfect spot to relax and socialize after a nice dinner. Dress code is casual chic here so don't forget to look your best! Queen Lounge is a popular hangout for both locals and tourists in Girne.


Groggy Lounge

Groggy Lounge is a fun, quirky club located near the main harbor area. This place has a laidback hipster vibe with eclectic decor featuring lots of plants, string lights and graffiti art. The music played encompasses various genres like indie, rock, pop and oldies. Groggy Lounge is great for socializing over drinks and meeting new people. They also have theme nights where you can participate in pub quizzes or karaoke. Food is served till late too. It's the best place to unwind after a long day of sightseeing in Girne. Make sure to check out their Facebook page for events.


Ego Bar

For stunning ocean views along with your drinks, head to Ego Bar. This alfresco bar is perched right on the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean sea. It has a beautiful garden setup filled with comfy lounge seating. During summer, the place is decorated with string lights making it very romantic. Ego Bar is a top choice for sunset cocktails while admiring the scenic vistas. They serve a great selection of cocktails, beers and snacks. It's the perfect pre-club spot for chilling with friends before hitting the dance floors. Definitely visit Ego Bar for a memorable night out experience in Girne.


Other Nightlife Options

Some other popular night clubs in Girne North Cyprus worth checking out include Casablanca Bar, Beer Point and Amon RA's Secret Bar & Bistro. Casablanca Bar, situated close, to the Old Town district hosts live music shows during the weekends. Beer Point is a spot among locals, for its inviting pub atmosphere and diverse beer choices. Amon RAs Secret Bar & Bistro offers jazz and blues performances in a cozy setting. Whether you prefer music genres or have your nightlife preferences Girne offers a variety of great venues to enjoy a lively night out. Be sure to experience the lively nightlife scene in one of the top night clubs in Girne North Cyprus during your visit.


Final Thought

If you're seeking a party atmosphere, music or just some casual drinks, by the shore Girne offers a plethora of fantastic nightlife choices. With world-class night clubs, as well as live music bars and rooftop hangouts, there truly is something for everyone among the vibrant collection of night clubs in Girne North Cyprus.

A trip, to Girne wouldn't be the same without enjoying a night out in town. The unforgettable moments and enjoyable times spent at these known nightlife venues will surely make you want to come over and over again. From beginning to end Girne offers a nightlife experience that's truly unique, in North Cyprus.