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Have you ever considered visiting North Cyprus tourist attractions but weren't sure where to start exploring? North Cyprus, or the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as it's officially called, is an amazing destination with beautiful beaches, historic sites, natural scenery and a delightful Mediterranean culture.

Kyrenia Castle

Perched on a rocky peninsula overlooking Kyrenia Harbor, Kyrenia Castle is one of the most iconic North Cyprus tourist attractions. It's easy to see why - the medieval castle has an epic setting surrounded by the azure waters of the Mediterranean.

Spend a few hours wandering around the battlements, towers and courtyards to soak up the history. You'll learn about its role as a stronghold for Crusaders and the Venetians who ruled the island in the past. The views of the harbor and coastline are absolutely stunning too. It's definitely worth budgeting some time to check out Kyrenia Castle and take in the gorgeous scenery.

Bellapais Abbey

Not too far from Kyrenia Castle is the beautiful ruins of Bellapais Abbey. Founded by Augustinian monks in the 13th century, it's considered one of the most picturesque medieval abbeys on the island. Wander around the remains of the church, refectory and cloisters and let your imagination fill in the blanks about what it would have been like in its heyday.

The grounds are also lovely for a picnic. Fun fact - parts of the abbey were even used as a location for the TV show Game of Thrones. It's a really tranquil and photogenic spot that should be on your list of North Cyprus tourist attractions to visit.

Salamis Ruins

The ruins of Salamis date back to antiquity. It’s one of the oldest settlements on Cyprus, and legend has it that the city was founded by Teucer, son of Telamon. Teucer was one of the best archers in the Greek army that besieged Troy in Homer’s Iliad, but after the death of his brother Ajax, his father banished him, never allowing him to return home. So he founded the city of Salamis.

Interpretive signs help bring the site to life and explain what you're looking at. History buffs will find the ruins endlessly fascinating as some structures are from as early as the 6th century BC. It's a super cool place to check out some North Cyprus tourist attractions from antiquity.

Golden Beach

Now for something a bit more modern and fun - Golden Beach. Located near Kyrenia, this Blue Flag beach has soft golden sand and crystal clear waters that are perfect for swimming, sunbathing or water sports like kayaking. The beach stretches for miles so you're sure to find your own quiet spot.

It's popular with locals and tourists in the summer but doesn't get too crowded. After spending the day at the beach, refuel with some meze and raki at one of the seaside restaurants. Golden Beach is a real gem of a North Cyprus tourist attraction that should not be missed.

More Top North Cyprus Tourist Attractions

There's still plenty more amazing North Cyprus tourist attractions to explore beyond those mentioned above. Here are some other places you might want to consider adding to your travel plans;

  • Saint Hilarion Castle; A fortress offering breathtaking views of the mountains.
  • Girne Harbour; A charming harbor, in Kyrenia where you can enjoy people watching while sipping coffee.
  • Bellapais Village; Stroll through the quaint picturesque streets filled with shops, cafes and vineyards.
  • Crystal Coast; Take a drive along the coastline to admire the crystal waters and beautiful beaches like Alagadi and Kaplica.
  • Kantara Castle; Explore the remains of this 16th century Ottoman castle nestled among groves.
  • Buffavento Castle; Visit this enchanting castle perched atop a cliff overlooking the coast.
  • Beaches in North Cyprus; Apart, from Golden Beach make sure to visit Alagadi Turtle Beach and Kaplica Beach in North Cyprus.
  • Cuisine of North Cyprus; Don't forget to try out meze, kebabs and local wines while exploring the region.

Final Thought

From castles and remnants, to coastlines and quaint villages Northern Cyprus offers attractions, for all kinds of travelers. Make sure to allocate time to immerse yourself in the Mediterranean atmosphere savor the local dishes and delve into the distinctive culture of this region.

Whether you enjoy history, nature, or simply relaxing in the sun - a visit to these enticing North Cyprus tourist attractions is sure to create unforgettable memories. I hope your preparations, for your adventure, in North Cyprus go smoothly!